Using The GUNDOGS.Com Website

Using The GUNDOGS.Com Website

Welcome To The New GUNDOGS.Com Web Site

The new site utilizes a responsive design so it can be viewed with phones, tablets and desktops. The latest in CSS, HTML 5, and Javascript Web technologies have been used in it’s design.

In this document we will give you a general overview of the web site. In addition, please see these additional pages for specific details.

How To place An Ad
Visitor Agreement
Privacy Statement

Overview of the new GUNDOGS.Com website

The new GUNDOGS.Com site currently has 8 menu / navigation items on the top menu bar. Additional menu items appear after a registered user logs in. After login additional navigation items are available for administrating your account. All Ads are moderated to protect people from publishing porn and or inappropriate content.

Within these sections are facilities to advertise a particular item or service. There are 2 types of Ads: Premium and Regular. Premium Ads show up first in the display list, Regular Ads are displayed following Premium Ads. Premium Ads are more expensive than Regular Ads and offer more features. Please see our Current Price List.

Dogs For Sale Ads, and Fine Shotgun Ads expire 30 days after moderation.

Breeders and Trainers, Lodges and Outfitters and Business Directory section Advertisements expire 6 months (183 days) after moderation. The Business Directory contains a list of categories of interest for the typical dog owner or hunting enthusiast. This Section is for Businesses of the aforementioned categories to list and describe themselves as well as their products & services.

The Fine Shotguns Section only accepts Advertisement for double barreled shotguns. This differentiates GUNDOGS.Com from the numerous other Firearm Listing websites. What better way to spend an autumn day afield than hunting upland game or waterfowl with a fine double gun in your hand and your canine companion at your side.

The Find A Vet section enables the GUNDOGS.Com community to Find a Veterinarian fast. Many a time a hunter is traveling to remote areas in pursuit of their quarry… with trips to Montana, South Dakota or to other places not far from home but miles from their regular veterinarian. In addition, most users of the site own a dog, are selling a dog, or wanting to purchase a dog. So a perfect situation for a Veterinarian to begin a relationship with a new puppy owner or be available for the traveling hunter in the case of an emergency.

Navigating Through An Ad Category

The procedures for navigating through ads are the same for all categories however there are category specific data with respect to filtering. In this example we will use the Breeders & Trainers Section.

Depending On how many particular ads are in a section it may be too time consuming to scroll through every ad. We provided filters to narrow down the list to your desired results. Let’s say you are interested in Breeders of English Setters just select English Setter in the Breed Drop Down Filter. If you wanted to narrow the results even more you could select the Region as well to get all the English Setter Breeders in the state of Wisconsin.


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