Eldridge Hardie: Fine Art Of The Sporting Experience

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Eldridge Hardie: Fine Art Of The Sporting Experience

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Eldridge Hardie Sporting Art
Eldridge Hardie
2382 S. Fillmore St.
Denver, Colorado 80210
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Phone: 303-756-5662
Website: http://www.eldridgehardie.com/


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For the sportsman art collector who is deeply enriched by his days in the field or on the water, authenticity of mood and action in a painting are crucial. The quarry, the texture of the landscape, the weather, light, and season, the people and dogs, the boats all are familiar and treasured elements. Eldridge Hardie’s own bird hunting and fly fishing pursuits, which have taken him from Canada to the Caribbean, the southernmost tip of South America, Scotland and all across this country, are joined with his artistic ability to make sporting moments live in his pictures. That he is at the top of his profession is acknowledged by a long list of honors.