Browning’s New A5 Sweet 16 Looks Like A Winner

Browning’s New A5 Sweet 16 Looks Like A Winner

Browning showed everyone at the Vegas Shot show what was on the horizon for this summer: the new A5 “Sweet 16”, and it is sweet. Available in either 26 or 28 inch barrel length and tipping the scales at less than 6 lbs it’s sure to please the Uplander in the gentleman’s gauge. Browning is also backing the Sweet 16 with their 5 year /100,000 round guarantee. MSRP: $1,699.99

Also coming from Browning is 16 gauge ammo, hopefully pricing will be in line with 12 and 20 gauge ammo but I doubt it. This always bugs me that 16 & 28 gauge shells are always much more expensive, as witnessed during a recent visit to my local big box store.

I can understand “economies of scale” and many more 12 and 20 gauge shot shells in production. But is the manufacturing process that much different to warrant a 36 % premium?


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