Wyndham-Wyndhamiam Retrievers

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Wyndham-Wyndhamiam Retrievers

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Wyndham-Wyndhamian Retrievers
Ed Atkins
P. O. Box 73
Ashley, North Dakota 58413-0073
Email: Email Now
Phone: 701-205-4070
Website: https://www.facebook.com/Wyndham-Wyndhamian-Retrievers-210577728969151/photos_stream


Chesapeake Bay Retriever,Flat Coated Retriever,


The Wyndham-Wyndhamian Chesapeakes and Flatcoats represent almost 60 years (Est. 1953) of careful selection to produce the finest possible working retrievers to suit the most particular hunters. The dogs in the home team are shot over daily from August th