Handsome Stud Dog Looking for a female Golden Retriever to breed with

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Handsome Stud Dog Looking for a female Golden Retriever to breed with

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Golden Retriever,


Ragnar Thorson Howl of Studly Manor is a wonderful purebred AKC registered Golden Retriever. He has a beautiful coat and coloring, he is dark gold with light gold feathering. His coat is very full and shiny. Ragnar is extremely intelligent he has had obedience and agility training. He has service dog intelligence. He can open doors, turn on tub water facets, and pick stuff up off of the floor among other attributes. Ragnar loves the outdoors he likes to go on nature hikes and explore the wilderness. He especially loves being in the water. His favorite activity is anything involving water such as, swimming. Ragnar enjoys doing water retrieving exercises in the spring thru early fall months. He loves the water so much he even loves taking a bath. Ragnar has a wonderful temperament and loves to be with family and is very affectionate. At 6 years old he has the energy and enthusiasm of a puppy without being hyper active. He has the the intelligence of an adult dog. Many people have told us he has a very noble stature, look and personality. We have been told by fellow breeders trainers and veterinarians that he has long beautiful feathering and thickness of his coat. His coat is the quality and desirability of a show dog. Which is uncommon for his bloodline which is of the field retrievers, on average the field retrievers feathering is a bit shorter than that of the other bloodlines. Ragnar is extremely healthy. He is OFA certified in his hips, elbows, thyroid, cardiac, and eyes. He has also had genetic testing done by Animal Genetics laboratories. He was tested for Ichthyosis, MD, PRA-1 and PRA-2. He tested clear for all of these gene mutations. Upon speaking to an employee at Animal Genetics about these genetic markers and mutations they stated that “for a Golden Retriever to test clear for Ichthyosis is rare occurrence and is very good.” They informed me that “of the goldens tested, 60 to 80 percent carry the Ichthyosis gene.” It is also uncommon for a Golden Retriever to test clear not only for Ichthyosis, it is uncommon to test clear on all of the mutations/markers tested for. As around 10 to 40 percent of Golden Retrievers tested carry either MD, PRA1 or PRA 2 or are carriers of a combination of these gene mutations. Since Ragnar has tested clear for all of these, this should make him more highly desirable for breeding, as he will produce puppies that will not have the disease or its symptoms. They may carry the mutation marker as a recessive gene if the mother is a carrier. However they will not have the disease or its symptoms. Having a Stud that is clear on all these genetic markers, will aid in the goal of decreasing the amount of future Golden Retrievers that will inherit these mutations both recessive and dominant. Which will make the breed and bloodlines healthier in future generations. Ragnar would produce wonderful puppies. Future liters produced would likely be very healthy as they would come from a healthy stud with a healthy bloodline with good genes. Ragnar comes from an old healthy line of purebred Golden Retrievers and that line should be continued. Any dogs produced from this stud would likely be intelligent, strong, beautiful in coat, color, and conformation. They would have fun and loving personalities, and most importantly they would likely be healthy and make many people happy. The dogs sired would make for great family companions, hunting dogs, water retrieving and water loving dogs, and service dogs. Dogs sired from Ragnar would help to improve the Golden Retriever breed gene pool, bloodlines and the health of future generations of Golden Retrievers. This is based upon things such as his OFA certifications and the results of his genetic testing, and the amazing traits he has exhibited thus far. More information on Ragnar Thorson Howl of Studly Manor is available on K9data.com. Our fee is negotiable, please contact me if you are interested and we can discuss details.