Pudg’gee Ann’s Field Bred American Cockers

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Pudg’gee Ann’s Field Bred American Cockers

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Pudg'gee Ann's Field Bred American Cockers
Bob and Marsha Linehan

San Diego, California
Email: Email Now
Phone: 858-578-9702
Website: http://home.earthlink.net/~marshaswebpage/


American Cocker Spaniel,


Bob & Marsha Linehan are the proud owners of “Pudg’gee Ann’s Field Bred American Cocker Spaniels”. The Linehan’s live in San Diego, California with their 5 American Cockers.

Our cockers love to hunt pheasant, ducks, quail, chukar and doves.  When they are out in the field, they are all business and when they return home, they are loving companions, ready to give and receive lots of love.

I hope you enjoy our website and the beauty and versatility of the old fashion hunting American Cocker.