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Advantage Pointing Labs
Francis Owens

Yuma, Colorado
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Labrador Retriever,


Are you looking for the absolute best bloodlines to ensure you will have the best dog for family, hunting, and competition? If you’re going to buy a dog why not consider buying a dog that is bred to be a champion!
We are absolutely committed to producing the highest performance labs for the field and home.  If you are looking for a soft mouthed, fully charged, sensitive, and obedient dual purpose upland and waterfowl hunting partner then get the ADVANTAGE difference!  We only breed one or two litters of pointing labs per year and most are placed before the breeding actually occurs.  We are a premier provider of pointing lab puppies for sale our pups have passed hunt tests at 3 1/2 months of age!  We have CEO’s of major corporations, pheasant and upland guides, field trialers, hunt test folks, and many clients who just hunt for sport.