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Dogs For Sale

Browse our online database of purebred, registered sporting breeds to find exactly the puppy or gun dog you want -- the one who will love you for life. Photos, descriptions and depending on the ad type even video are provided. Here you can find the dog of your dreams - a puppy, a started or finished hunting dog or Stud. Only Sporting Dog Breeds are available on GUNDOGS.COM.

Breeders And Trainers

Find the dog of your dreams. Professional dog breeders will usually guarantee your dog's good health and offer only dogs free of hereditary problems. Many gun dog breeders are also dog trainers. Get your bird dog off to a good start with professional gun dog training. Search for Sporting Dog Breeds from Professional Breeders and Trainers on GUNDOGS.COM.

Lodges And Outfitters

Gun dogs live for the hunt. Nothing makes a bird dog happier than hunting upland birds and waterfowl. Browse the listing of lodges and outfitters here to find the ones that suit your needs. You'll soon discover favorite places that you and your bird dog will look forward to hunting again and again. Search GUNDOGS.COM for Lodges and Outfitters catering to upland game bird and waterfowl hunting.

Find A Veterinarian

Once you've found your dog it is important to take great care of your investment. We provide a listing of hunter freindly Veterinarians who will keep your canine companion in good health. You can search the listings by state or province to find a local vet. We encourage all members of the GUNDOGS.Com community to patronize our advertising Veterinarians. Also don't forget to check this listing prior to your next hunting trip to find a vet in the area you'll be hunting in case of an emergency.

Fine Shotguns

GUNDOGS.COM DOES NOT SELL GUNS. However, we provide an avenue for buyers and sellers of Fine Double shotguns to find each other. Find the shotgun you've always wanted. Whether you are a collector or looking for a special gun for the field, you'll enjoy browsing the fine shotguns offered here. Photos and detailed descriptions are provided. Search GUNDOGS.COM for the fine side by side or over/under shotgun you have been wanting. Remember to use common sense and check our Frequently Asked Questions Page (FAQ) on purchasing firearms.

Business Directory

Find everything you need to enjoy life with your gun dog. All the gear, goods, and services you'll want at home, to, from and in the hunting fields. Our online directory of businesses catering to the upland bird hunter and waterfowler is easy to use and will save you time. Choose a category below for a list of businesses providing the items or services you need.